from John & Isaac Simpson

Mosa June 14th 1844

Dear Father And Mother Brothers And Sisters

I take this opertunity to rite to you these to or three lines to let you know that me and my Famely are all in good health at preasent thank God for it and hoping these lines will find you All in the Same.

Dear Father I am going to give you my opinion on this little difficulty that is betwixt my Brothers As I have been consulting them about this Case I do expect that when William Bought this land from Edward that he expected that George would have paid for his land and Expecting to get some land from George for that money which paying verry Conveinient to the land that he bought from Edward and Edward having don some work on this land of Georges to the amount of about 5£ I do not see any prospect of George paying for this Land unless he gets some help. He has got a good Stock of Cattle but they would not sell for mutch money at preasent as Cattle is verry low price for money I advised him by all means to Pay for his land when he had the money to pay for it all he allways would let me that thay would not take it all down so the money is all gon For one thing or another he has paid about 45£ on this Lot of Land and suppose the Principal and Interest that is to Pay will amount to 80£ or upwards it is my opinion that it will answer Both of them best If George is Land could be Paid of as he is willing to give any security on this said Land my Father wishes for if he will advance the money. you see how they are situated now they have it to your self which way you will do.

You can send the money the same as you done before you can enquire if it would be best to send it in to Parts in case one should be lost. Sons more from Your Affectioned Son and Daghter John and Mary Simpson,


Mosa 14th 1844

Dear Father Mother Brothers & Sisters
I take up my pen once more to right a few liens to you in good health hoping to find you all the same.

I am living with my Brother John and William is left London and is with John and we are all ma-- staves they are to make westindia puncheons

I now shall tell you what I think a bout my Brothers affairs. George has done a greate deal of work upon the lot that is to pay for. I think it would be hard for him to louse it. I think you must send the money to pay for the land as it will take 30£ more to pay for the lot more than the debt to William you can have part of the land in security you can do what you think proper with it or sell he can pay it of to you. We have rought to John Sawer and you may expect a letter from John Robinson people very sone. George and his famaly is all well.

I am yours
Isaac Simpson

Direct to John Simpson Mosa and we are all good friends.

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