from John & Isaac Simpson

June 6th 1845

Dear Father and Mother Brothers and Sisters I now take the opertunity of riting to you these few lines once more to let you know that we are all well at this time thank God for it And Hoping these will find you all in the same. Dear

Father I should answered your letter before this time If George and William had come to a settlement about their land I should have answered your letter at that time but William said he would on account as I could not Pay the money in to the Land Office at that time the Court was at London and the Agent for that Land Department was Busy at the Court I had a letter shortley after from William saing he had Paid the money in After Paying the 80 pounds their was about 17 pounds yet to Pay As the Intrist had run on so long it was more then we expected George took up to William a good Part of the money and William paid the remaind of the 17 pounds so the Land is Paid for when I talked to George. If he could get the money to Pay on his land he would give you any security on the land you wanted or his note for the money he said he would give a morgage on a part of land laing betwixt him and William or any way you wanted the security but George dose not say any thing more about it to me you can rite and say how you will have it don

I had a letter from William A few days a goe and he was well and he is living with the same Gentelman yet in London he has not been hear since last January him and William Crosby came down with me and my Wife in my waggon on a vissit for a day or to as we had been to Lockport at that time too see some of my wife friends Betsy An went down with us and her Grandmother wanted her to stop with her so bad we left her it is nearly two hundred miles from where we live

I am sorry to say that William has had bad luck he had all his clothes burned but that he had on at the great fire that was in London on the 13th of April nearly two hundred dwellings houses besides out houses a great deal of Property consumed but no lives lost in it it is supposed the Property that William Master lost that the Inshurance is enough to cover his los he is about as rich a man as in London he has made William some reccompence he has give him som more Close at the time

William Crosby was down to my house he told me he was expectened a letter from Mr Larrison a Member of Parliment for London he was expecting to get in to be a Custom Hous oficer som ways on the borders on Lake Eri Since I have understod he was started home to England I should like to no if he has got home and what nuse he brings

their has ben a great deal of damage done by fire in this country these last few months their has been a large fire in Toronto A few Day agoe Burned a good many houses I have just recieved a nuse paper to Day which gives an "Account of the weather being verry cold and frosty all over we have had some severe frosts it has cilled all the fruit and it has don a great deal of damage a mongest the wheat in some plases I think it has not hurt mine much

George and his famely are all well and Edward started a way from here this morning and he is well he has been verry sick this spring he had the law tipes [?] Fever So now I must conclude as Isaac is going to rite the other side So no more at the Preasent from your Affeconed Son and Daughter John and Mary Simpson


June 6th 1845

Dear Father, Mother Brothers and Sisters

I now take this opertunity of righting a few lines to you in good health hoping they will find you in the same. I feel quite ashamed of not righting to you before this time But I hope you will forgive me for being so negligent

I have had the feever and ague this spring for about five weeks in Month April and May when people gets this Illness they are sick every day and sometimes every other day when the sickness comes on they feel very cold and will shake for an houre or two and then the feever will come on and they will be quite hot for three or foure hours and then will swet a good deal

I have bought an hundred acres of Land in the month of June 1844 it had betwixt two and three acres cleared upon it when I bought it. I have cleared a bout 2 acres and put it in with wheat and one acre of oats one acre of meaddow and I expect to get about five acres cleared this summer to put in with fa-- wheat I have got a yoke of oxon to work with one cow tow --- foure sheep

I like this country very well for a man has a better chance of getting a living in this in this country I am living with my Brother John and working on my own farm it is only 120 rods from Johns farm that is acros one lot and Richard Alderson and William Alderson is come into cannada and has bought each one hundred acres of land a bout 5 miles from us

John Robinson people are all well and sends thir kind love to you all Jane Robinson has been very lame this spring she is all most got well it was a very bad sprain. Mosa is a township is ten miles square it is improving very fast we are a bout 3 miles from the village called Wardsville our market place So I must conclude with my kind love to you all give my love to all inquiring Friends and I would like to here the news from you as soon as you can make it conveinent then I will right to you an answer.

Your affec't Son, Issac Simpson

Mr John Simpson
Longmarton near Appleby
Old England

[Post marks: Mosa, U.C., 9th Jun 45; Penrith, Jy 15, 1845; Appleby, Jy 16, 1845]

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