from Isaac Simpson

Mosa Nov 21st 1852

Dear Father Mother Brothers and Sisters,

I take thiss oppertunity of righting a few liens to you in good health hoping these few lines will find you all the same our freinds our relations may be seperated from us to the utmost extremity of the univirse and yet a few lines may convey our sentiments to them If we are not all so carless as not to right to one annother I have seen and heard from my Brothers and sisters this last week and they ware all well. I can go to all my Brothers houses from half an houre to an houre walk. I have been looking for letters from home befor this time but no letter yet. So do not think I have been long of righting to you. If I be in the fault you must excuse me.

I think the times is some better this year in Cannada all but wheat is fetching some better price now Wheat 5 shillings per bushel oats from 2 shillings to 2s. 6d. pease 3 shillings to 3s. 6d. corn 3 shillings to 4 shillings potatoes 3 shillings to 4 shillings rye 3 shillings to 4 shillings Wheat 60 lb per bushel oats 34 lb per bushel, pease 60 lb per bushel rye 60 per bushel corn 60 lb per bushel butter 1 shilling to 15d. pence per lb cows 10 dollors to 16 dollors horses from 40 to 100 dollars oxon 50 to 70 dollors per yoke sheep from 1 dollor to 3 dollors per head pork 5 dollors per 100 lb. I have sold my old oxon for 50 dollors they ware 14 years old I sold 1 cow for 16 dollors I have 5 pigs they are now ready to kill I have bought 1 two year old colt for 40 dollors I think I shall buy another horse or a yoke of oxon this winter I bought 3 cows last winter and 4 calfs the cows for 11 dollors per head and calfs 2 dollors per head I had 140 bushels of Wheat this year & summer falled 11 acres and put in with wheat this summer I cut a bout 8 acres of meddow & think I shall have 3 or 4 tone of hay to sell hay is worth 8 or 9 dollors per tone now.

I have been to port stanley with a load of Wheat two weeks ago for my Brother John he was not very well at that time I fetched 4 barrels of salt back with me a barrel is 280 lb it is to salt our meet and salt our cattle with I saw a man from shap his name Thomas Richardson they kept the Inn sighn of the Grey hound there is a good many men from all parts of England all over this cuntry. I saw a Carlize newspaper in July there ware the Death of a Margret Mittchal a bout 8 years old it was the Daughter of Matthew Mittchal Marton Miller I told my Brothers it would be my Sister Margret Daughter I did not know any other Mittchels any ways near but we did not know I did not know but John Eerl was living at Marton Mill yet, I do expect there will be great changes a round you since I left home For there is a great alteration here since I have been here

they are working on the great Westren railroad here. it is a very long one they have been giving 1 dollor per day on the railroad and the men hire there own board the men paid from 12 shillings to 2 dollors per week for board

I have been keeping house this last twelve months My Brother John oldest Daughter is my house keeper. Betsy Ann Simpson. she is eighteen years old we milk 3 cows this summer Mary Robinson is got married to Ellic Armstrong

We have 4 churches in Wardsville the church of England the Prespeterian Church the Roman Cathlic Church Medothets Church there is Episcopal Medothets the Babtist the Ranters. You may perhaps think we had no churches in this country and all denominitation can both Marrey and beery people in this country.

When a couple is going to get married they can be either be asked to church or get licenens and the priest will come to the house or they can go to the priest to be married. people gets married very young in this country Boys from 18 girls 16 I have had no letter from Richard Alderson this last 8 or 9 months he has got married a bout 3 years ago we have not heard a thing from John Strong since last winter he was then well and dowing well, So give my kind respects to Uncles and Aunts and to all inquiring friends.

I see in a Carlize newspaper that Nov 5th Brother Richard has got married to Mary Bellas Long Marton I like to here of pepole geting married George Irving gets Carlize news papers two or three times in month he came out last spring and lives close by he is a Brother in law to Mr Becton in Mosa

So I must conclude by saying no more at present

from your affection Son
Issac Simpson

I should like very well to here from you all and let us know what you are all dowing one letter will do us all who has read it he will take it to another Direct to any one else.

[Letter folded and sealed as envelope]
Mr John Simpson
Long Marton
near Appleby
Old England

[Post marks: PKT Letter, Liverpool, Ja 9 1853; Penrith, Ja 10, 1853]

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