from John Simpson

Mosa Decr 25th 1860

Dear Father Brothers and Sisters

I take this oppertunity of writing to you a few lines to let you know that we are all well as could be expected at this time and thank God for it And hoping these lines will find you all the same

Margret Mitchel recieved a letter from Agness last friday and was glad to hear that you was all well as could be expected but was sorry to hear of Fathers legs being so painful but we are all liable to afflictions here below for the good old Servent David Said if he had not been afflicted he should have gone astay.

Dear Father it is now about one year since our Dear Mother Died and I expect it has been a lonley year for you I hope the Lord will help you to bear up under your afllictions

I expect you recieved a letter from William he said he would answer the letters that we recieved with the Checks in for which we was thankful for your kindness Williams people is all well they have another little girl three boys and four girls our Thomas has taken a contract from his Uncle William to build him a new barn and his is their hewing out the timber now for it and one of George Sons was at our house to day and they are all well they are all at home but one son and he learning to be a harness maker Matthew Mitchel and family are still living with Isaac and we ware helping them to thresh some wheat with the thrashing mashine yesterday and they ware all well we heard from John Robinson and family last Sunday and they ware all well

I have to inform you that the crops in this part of the country has gennarly been good this year. the price of wheat about one Dollar per Bushel I sold my wheat in the fall for one Dollar and twelve centes per Bushel. Barley 50 centes per Bus. Peas 45 centes per Bus. Oats 25 centes per Bus. Potates 25 centes per Bus. Indian corn 50 centes per Bus. Pork 5 to 6 Dollars per cwt we expect to take our Pork to London Market next week and some fat sheep. I sold one yoke of working oxen last summer for 85 Dollars. four steers and one cow for 130 Dollars. Fruit was abundant crop here last summer the Price of Apples from 6 to 10 centes per Bus. and the price of other Fruit according.

The Prince of Wales paid us a visit in america last summer and I was at the provical agriculture show at Hamilton and saw him their their was a fine show of horses cattle sheep and piggs of imported breeds and all other things ware good. we received the news papers that you sent to us and thank you for them we would be glad if you would send some more when it is convienent. we have Built a new Brick School House last summer in our school divition John George and Joseph goes to school and I have to attend to the cattle and horses and chop some fire wood I conclude my letter with our best respectes to you all and remain your Son and Brother John Simpson

you will pleas rite as soon as you can and tell us how you all are and give our respectes to all enquiring friends

John Simpson

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