from Isaac Simpson

Mosa, March 7th 1861

Dear Father Brothers and Sisters. I now take up my pen once more to right a few liens to you in good health hoping these few liens will fiend you all the same my Brother John received a letter from home on the 25th of Febuary which we ware glad to here that you are all in good health as I often think that with out health nothing will be of any avail I was to John Robinson on Sunday there famely was all well I was to George Simpson yesterday they and William was all well.

The river is very is very high. that is what you would call a flood it is the highest is as been this thirty years we generley have a flood every spring. sugar making is just commencing it is a little while in the first of the spring when it frezes at nights and thaugs in the day till the buds comes out Mathew Mitchel is living on my farm yet I keep 4 horses 6 cows we put in 25 acre of Wheat last fall which is looking very well at present but there is a trying time to come while it is freezing and thaughing and then when it is headit out we have had what is called the weevl it is a fly that lays its egs in the head but we must trust to providence

we had 200 bushels of wheat last year it is from one dollor to nine shillings that is 4s. to 4s. 6d. for winter wheat spring wheat from 3s. 6d. to 4s. Oats was a good crop and very cheap from 9d. to 1s. per 34 lb that is our bushel Indian corn 2s. for 56 lb. pease was a good crop from 1s. 6d. to 2s. potates from 1s. to 1s. 3d. winchester bu, pork from 5 dollors to 6 dollors per 100 lbs I sold 3 hogs for 16 dollors a peice that was 48 dollors for the three, on foot John sold 5 for 15 dollors a piece that was 75 dollors on foot cows is worth from 16 dollors to 24 dollors sheep from 2 to 5 dollors that is the common sheep there is some is sold from 2 to 100 dollors and it is so with all kinds of stock I put it dowen at the common rates horses from 60 to 100 dollors horses is very cheap here at this time I was down to hamalton last fall to the provincal agriculture show it was the best I ever saw It was the time that Prince of Wales was in Canada It will be in London this next fall so we think its close to home

It is a little more than a year since Our Mother died the Lord only knows how will be next we are all born to die sooner or latter we see sometimes the young the middleaged and the old But still our place is kept and it will waite Ready for us to fill it soon or late

So I must conclude my short letter and we are glad to here from you. I remain you Son Isaac Simpson

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