from John Simpson & daughter Harriet Simpson

Mosa May 28, 1861

Dear Brothers Sisters

I take this oppertunity of writing these few lines and let you no that we are all well, and hope by the blessings of our heavenly father, that these lines will find you all well.

Dear friends we thought we would take this oppertunity and send Johns and mine photographs as Thomas Burridge our Son in law Minervas Husband is going to England on a visit to see his friends in Devonshire. John and the boys are verry busy planting corn, as it has been a verry wet and backward spring and they have a great deal of work to do, as they have being bying another farm. John and George are living on it and Betsey Ann is keeping house for them, Edward will no it, it was Mr Suttons on the other side of the river opposite our own. Isaac, William, Sarah, Georges widow, and Mitchel familys are all well. John Robinson is rather poorly his family are well, they received a letter from their sister Ann Atkinson, you must pleas to rite as soon as you can make it convenient and please tell Edward we would like for him to rite, our Son in law may call on you if it is not to far out of his way before he returns home, so I conclude with our respects to you all from yours John and Mary Simpson


Mosa May 28th 1861

Dear Cousin Mary

I take pleasure in addressing a fiew lines to you as our people were writing I thought i would send my picture to you as you are named Mary after my Mother we did not now when my brother in law was going to start for England till to day so i got this taken in a hury to day and write these fiew lines to you and please give my respects to all my cousins I have herd that Cusion Agness as got your likeness but i have not see it as yet Cousion Elizabeth Mitchell is keeping house for Uncle Isaac as both Thomas and family has left and gon to live on his own farm Brother Thomas has a family of too little boys Sister Jane has two boys and one girl Sister Minerva has too boys we should be very happy here from you when it is conveniant so no more at presant I remain your Cousin

Harriet Simpson

Note: Two letters written on same paper, one from John S. Simpson to his brothers and sister in England and the other from Harriet Simpson (probably daughter of John S. Simpson) to a cousin, Mary, in England (probably daughter of John S. Simpson's brother, Thomas Simpson, who remained in England.)

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