from Isaac Simpson

Mosa July 27 1862

Dear Brother I take up my pen once more in good health to right a few lines to you hoping these will reach you the same. We ought at all times be thankfull to our creater for all things.

I received your letter on the nintenth of July with John Robinson check for 27 pounds which I gave to him with which I was to thank you for the truble but I think it is our duty to do any good we can to me another John Robinson got the letter which was directed to him the same day, 19 July

I did not here whether John Robinson was to London yet or not he told me to right an answer to the letters. I told him I would but I forgot through the week that I had promose him to right so I sit at present. It is past 8 o clock of Sunday night we have been very busey at the hay I finnisched and commenced Wheat harrvist on 25 of July I think the fall wheat will be a pretty fair sample but only light crops spring wheat crop is looking well on the ground but it is expected to be all most eat up with what we call the weevle it is a little insect in the head it is suposed it is stung through the chaff we are more subject to failers in the crops in this country but be thankfull the other spring crops is looking very well considring the dry wether in the forward part of the season.

I have beene building a brick house this summer which makes me very busey it is nearly finished all but plastering in side. John Robinson has got one built this summer. John Simpson is getting one built so you must supose we are very busey.

I have been to church this morning and to the meeting this afternoon I so John's famely to day there are all well I so Georges at ----- there all well and William is well Mathew Mitchell is well I so William Robinson to day their is well. I wish you to right to us again as soon as you can mak it convenient

So I must conclude my short letter give my respects to all and I woold like to here from you all soon.

I remain your well wisher
Isaac Simpson, Mosa
Wardsvill C.W.

Notes: 1. It is presumed the letter is addressed to one of the Simpson brothers still living in England. 2. C.W. means Canada West which had previously been called Upper Canada and is presently called Ontario.

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