from John Simpson

Mosa Sept. 27th / 63

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I wright to you a few lines to inform you that our Dear Brother George Died on the 16th of August last he had not been well since last October but was not confined to his bed till the last two weeks before he Died the doctors said his complaint was enlargment on the liver we ware Sorry to part with him. some of us was to see him every day for two weeks before he Died and his mind appeared to be regsined to the will of the Lord and he said he new in whom he had put his trust in and Died in peace.

Dear Brother I might say that me and my wife are enjoying as good health as could be expected in our time of life and our family are all well. I was up and saw William and family and Georges widow and Boys last Saturday and they ware all well Isaac was to our house to day and he was at John Robinsons yesterday and saw Mathew and Margret Mitchel there and they ware all well. Margret Mitchel rote to some of you a bout twelve months since and sent Johns and her likness and been ancious to recieve an answer they have bought 50 acres of land near Wardsville

Dear Brother we ware glad to recieve the papers you sent us we have had no letter from you for a long time you will please rite to us as soon as convenient and John Robinson would like to have you mention his sister in your letter if you now how they are getting along and we would like to see a copy of Fathers Will if you would please send us one

we are done seeding this fall and our crops this summer are midling good our son Thomas has bought him a farm near to his uncle Isaacs and he lives in with him as they are both single and unmarried one of our Daughters has been dooing their work this summer. Brother Williams oldest daughter is keeping house for them now. Thomas maid brick for his uncle Isaac and us each a house and we have them up and finished and Thomas is going to build a frame kitchen for his uncle Isaac this fall John Robinson Built them a brick house last summer.

So now I must conclude with saying that we have reason to be thankfull to God for the merces and Blessings we receive and hoping these lines will find you all in good health and enjoing the blessings of God.

I remain you Brother John Simpson

Mr. Thomas Simpson
Near Appelby
County of Westmorland
Old England

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