from Isaac Simpson

Mosa March 1st 1867

Dear Brother

I take up my pen to right a few liens to you in answere to the letter I received in December from your son Thomas I was glad to here from you and that you ware all in good health I should have rought to you befor this but Margret Mitchel rought home so I thought you would here from us I have had poor health for a bout a year I am a good deal better this winter than I was last winter I was always able to be a round but not do much work

I expect you would here the little disturbance we had last summer with the feannienes there was tow or three hundred came over to cannada on the 2 of June 1866 but they ware soone put back or took by our volenters befor the reglars got up. it was about 140 miles from whare we live but I was within 20 miles one the 3 of June whare the little fighting was I was going to the northering Lakes Lake Hurron and Lake Supperron I just went for a trip because I could not work at home the doctor thought it would do me good it cost me a bout 5 dollors a day for 2 weeks by Railroad and steam boat I do not know but I will take a trip this summer

the crops came in very poor last harvist whinter wheat was a good deal kiled out with the winter good wheat is worth $1-60 and cows from 20$ to 50 dollors Horses form 75 to 150 dollors sheep from $2 to 6 dollors pork was 4$ to 7 dollors per 100 lb.

We have had a good winter for slaying The people has being very busey here what we call lumbring that is getting out square timbers and staves square timber is worth $145 dollors per 1000 feet staves is worth 150 dollors per 1000 John has bought 130 acres of more land he paid 4 thousand dollors for it it has about 70 acres cleared on it

I was to John Robinson and to Mathew Mitchels John Simpson William Simpson Sarah Simpson they are all well we are very glad to here from you when you can make it convenient to right So no more from your Brother Isaac Simpson

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