from Isaac Simpson

Mosa April 6th 1870

Dear Brother

I take up my pen to right a few liens in good health hoping these will reach you all the same

I received a news paper on the 22nd of March and one for William and we ware very glad to have one we always see something new in them Margret received a letter from Ageness a bout a month ago we had two men from Kirbythore on 30th of March they left home in Febuary I for got their names one of them wa a butcher he married William Horn Daughter of Kirbythore the other schoolmaster they told us when they left home they started for cancess [Kansas ?]but when they arrived in Tornto they left there famelys near Tornto and went to cancess and came back by Missura in the states and to Tornto we are a bout one hundred seventy miles south of Tornto but we do not think any thing of the distance they told us they traveled over two thousand miles from Tornto they staid all night to John Simpson they ware looking for land near us but they thought they would go to Missoura to some acquantance we have had very steady mild winter the snow is all gone with us and it is sugar making but I do not think there will be much made this spring or else we shall have a late spring the winter wheat looks rather bad so far with us not any plowing done here yet but I think it will not be many days before the plows will be going the spring is rather short for plowing in this country

Grain is very low here this year Wheat from 3s. 6d. per 60 lb barlay 2s.6d. to 2s.9d. per 60 lb oats about 1s. per 34 lb indian corn 2s. per 60 lb sterling Hay from 8 dollors to 9 per ton cattle is in good demand common cows from 25 to 35 dollors sheep from 4 to 6 dollors swine is good pork was good last winter I sold mine for 9 dollors per hundred lbs horses from 80 to 140 dollors timber is good from 90 to 120 dollors per thousand feet grass seed is from 7 to 8 dollors per 60 lb thats red clover Timothy seed 4 to 5 dollors 48 lb That is the principal seed we sow some times a little white clover

I was to Williams and his family was well I was to Srah that is George Widow there famely was well I was to Robinson thare ware well Mitchells is well Johns and me lives close together was well and the other is not but a little ways from us we think nothing going two or three miles

I have not seen Robert Stevenson Brothers But we here from them I ofton see James Lamb you must look over all blunders

Give my respects to all enquiring Friends When you right tell me ware all my Brothers and sister are because people move a round in England

So no more from your affectionate
Brother Isaac Simpson

Note: Kirbythore is near Carlisle in England which is fairly close to Long Marton near Appleby, Westmorland, England.

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