from John Simpson

Mosa Sept 14th 1870

Mrs Simpson

Dear Sister Nephews and Neise. I take this opertunity of answering your letter dated the 25 of June and we ware sorry to here of Brother Thomas death yet we could not sorrow as them that has no hope for we have a good hope that all was well with our Dear Brother as regardes a futer [future] state we can only say like one of old we can not bring him back but we can go to him We desired to simpathise with the bereaved family and I made a request to Mr Minister to Preach a funeral sermont next Sunday for a deceased Brother and he was verry ready to grant the request. Then I gave a notice to all our friends and their was a large congregation and a nice Sermont Preached from the psalms of David.

Brother Isaac Simpson was married to a Miss Pearse last June She will be near forty years of age she is a fine woman Edward would be some acquainted with her second daughter of William Pearces near Wallastowne.

us and our friendes are all well as far as I know excepting my Wife she is aflicted with the rumatism Harriot is married to the oldest son of Mr Coynes they are about three miles from us they have a little daughter about four months old

we have had a wet summer the crops midling good only some hurt by the wet weather we have don sowing our wheat and some of it is up and looking very green we have had the Engineer and survayors stoping with us they are survaying what they call the Southaring railroad of Canada it croses the river above the fall of Niagara thence to the Saint Clair river at the bottom of Lake Huron across to the united states they run one line across the farm we Bought from Mr Sutton and across the river below our house and another line through Isaac Simpsons farm Edward will know the place

we have not seen the two young men that Thomas spoke of their is many Emigrants come to America

Note: Letter almost certainly written by John Simpson. The conclusion of the letter was not available.

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