from William Robinson (undated/incomplete)

[Undated & Incomplete]

to letters from your Son and you ansert his letters but never received any answer you must wright to me as soun as you can make it convenient. John and Jane Send theire kind love to you all there Brothers and Sisters.

Dear Uncles and Aunts i must let you now something a bout the times here. Grane sels but low here Wheat is from 70 to 80 cents per bushel Peas 45 to 50 cts per bushel Corn 40 cts per bushel Oats 30 cts per bushel Pork $2 1/2 per hundrend to 4 dollars per hundred Hay in the fall sold for $5 dollars and now sels at a 11 dollars per tun and it is very winterish looking the snow is a bout 18 inches deep at present There is a good deal of lumbering going on the Railroad Company wants 4 000 cords of wood and 15 000 ties at Newbury station there is a grate many staves made this winter wich is as high as 70 a thousand We are living on the sumer farm this last 15 years a bout 3/4 of a mile from Newbury Station four mils from Wardsvill and seven miles from John Simpsons we would like to have a letter from any of you I remain yours truly

William Robinson Newbury Canada
West County

Note: The first page(s) of the letter were missing. It is presumed William Robinson is the son of John & Jane (Simpson) Robinson.

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